Signe-Sanne Oortgijsen_edited.jpg
Signe-Sanne Oortgijsen


the Netherlands

Artist and equestrian Signe-Sanne Oortgijsen (1974) divides her time between being with horses and creating illustrations, costumes and videos. Her style is unique and imaginative. With a muted palette and bursts of unexpected patterns she creates a storyline to be discovered in each artwork.

“Stop daydreaming, pay attention, fairytales aren't real. This is what I was told as a young girls by teachers, but not by my parents. They said: You can be what you want to be, go on an adventure and eat your vegetables. And I listened to them for the most part. I followed my dreams, went to art school, tried not to grow up too much. Life happens and a solid job tried to settle me down.”

“But my love for horses and imagining things are persistent. In the darkest of times I could suddenly imagine myself as a horse owner, I got my first horse, trained him and he trained me, fell in love with LARP and re-enactment and dove deeper into the Scandinavian stories of Norse gods, runes and vikings. And this is how it is now.. I find my way back to my true self, getting closer to nature, to horses, to art and to fairytales and I feel passionate to take share the journey with those willing to come along. I create vlogs on my channel Signe of Horses and love posting on instagram. Thanks to Paard Verzameld I can now release my illustrations into the world.”