Original artwork by German watercolour artist Maura Leusder

- Watercolour and white ink on Arches paper

- Signed by the artist
- Certificate of authenticity is provided by the artist
- Measures 38cm x 57cm 



“Grey”, a portrait of a grey mare I originally painted this as a study to experiment in painting dappled grey horses using blues, but I now consider this to be a pivotal piece for me. It helped me develop and define my style, which emphasizes the eyes, nostrils, and ears in a portrait style of painting. I fell in love with the perky expression and sparkling eyes of the mare in this pose.


I paid close attention to the soft folds and level of detail of the facial features to capture her curious expression. In this way, I draw the viewer to the areas I find most important, as a viewer’s eye is always drawn to areas of high contrast. I started implementing this technique after learning that George Stubbs applied this method to his later paintings in an effort emphasize horses’ eyes. I therefore also always paint whiskers in white or black.


- Maura Leusder 


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