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Mihaela Georgieva

Equine artist

Art has been an essential part of Mihaela Georgieva’s (1989) life ever since she was five years old. A life necessity, like breathing or as she puts it herself, providing the fuel for her mind and soul.

Her desire to study art and to develop as an artist led her to a Bachelor degree in Pedagogy of Fine arts from the University of Veliko Turnovo in Bulgaria. Since then she participated in art competitions and joint exhibition throughout Europe.


‘This is my way to show you how my heart flies every time I paint a horse.’
- Mihaela Georgieva

Recent exhibitions

2019 Solo equine exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria

2019 Kunst op de afdeling CEPOS 2019- 2020 Duffel, regio Antwerp

2019 Mensen met talent, joint art expo Duffel, regio Antwerp

2019 Solo equine exhibition , Bulgaria

2019 De Schore,  joint artists expo in Boom, Antwerp

2018 Kunst op de afdeling, CEPOS - joint artists exhibition,  Duffel, regio Antwerp

2018 Mensen met talent,  joint art expo Duffel, regio Antwerp
2017  Mensen met talent,  joint art expo Duffel, regio Antwerp

For more on Mihaela's art, please visit her gallery.