Lena Lottsfeldt 

Equine artist

Coming soon to Paard Verzameld Gallery

Swedish artist Lena Lottsfeldt (1981) comes from a family of artists and architects. From an early age she was exposed to art, photography and painting, getting lessons from both her parents.

'Art was always available and my parents supplied me with pretty much everything I needed to keep me photographing and creating.  So art is not something I became interested in, it’s in me, it’s who I am.'

Lena is an autodidact and learned by sketching, observing and discovering which techniques best suit her work. As an avid horse rider and horse owner it's not surprising that horses are her favorite subjects to draw from.  To Lena, horses represent strength, beauty, kindness, power, gentleness and sometimes danger and she captures all of these traits beautifully onto her canvas. 

For more on Lena's art, please visit her gallery.