Karen Osborn

Pastel artist,


Karen Osborn is an internationally recognised artist, with work in private collections globally, and has illustrated two sets of Intuitive cards: “the Wisdom of the Australian Animals” and “Aromatherapy Insight Cards”, and her work has been used on many book and magazine covers.

Karen has studied with Michael Angel in the Florence Angel Art Academy, and her preferred mediums are oils, pastels, charcoal and graphite. Her work carries an undeniable energy - many that have stood in front of her original art have become emotional with the deep sense of connection with the image. 'My work is a co-creation with Spirit. I am, purely and simply, a messenger.....'

'As an artist, I revel in the worlds of spirit, mystical and visionary. When I am painting it is the same feeling as when I am with a horse, I am deeply present, and everything else falls away.
This year I am focusing on representing the world of the Equine, as these incredible beings are revealing their true sentience and healing abilities as a gift to humanity.

I have been gifted an ability to clearly see the essence of the individual horse and it is a privilege to bring this forward in my art. I have a small herd in my care, and I am humbled by the space they hold for me and the world that they reveal to me.'