Cath Driessen

Equine artist

Cath Driessen (1956) grew up as a member of a large creative family on a farm. She lives with her husband and animals, horses, cats and dogs, surrounded by nature in the beautiful countryside of the Netherlands.


Cath refound her interest in painting and drawing around the age of forty and it turned out to be her most important creative outlet. To  further develop, she followed an academic painting course in Belgium. Cath likes to work with various techniques and themes such as human models and portraits, the peel landscape, horses and cows. Because of her background, red-and-white cows are a popular theme. 

The work is diverse and she likes to let her moods influence her work. Loose colorful works are interspersed with calm, clean images.In addition to her free work, she also makes portraits of horses for clients from home and abroad.

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