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Paard Verzameld Collective
Paard Verzameld Collective was founded in 2016 to bridge the gap between artists. An art collective for professional and semi professional equine artists, who want to inspire and be inspired. A safe haven to nurture creative thoughts and let go of the rules that apply.


Around 100+ featured equine artists from around the world are joined together in the Paard Verzameld Collective. By studying and experiencing together we broaden our horizons, get an understanding of art history and art movements, to challenge and educate ourselves.

For our members we organize

  • Monthly art challenges

  • Inspiration days

  • Meetups 

  • Museums exhibitions visits

  • Themed online video sessions

Good to know

'Be inspired and stay inspired!'

Da Vinci meetup
Leonardo da Vinci exhibition , Teylers museum, Haarlem
Inspiration Day
Inspiration day "observational drawing' 2019
George Stubbs meetup
George Stubbs exhibition, Mauritshuis, the Hague
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Collective exhibitions and meetups highlights

‘George Stubbs, the man , the horse, the obsession’, March 2020
Paard Verzameld Collective meetup, Mauritshuis, the Hague, the Netherlands. (report)

Paard Verzameld Inspiration Day, observational drawing, July 2019
Paard Verzameld Collective meetup, Spijkenisse, the Netherlands. (report)

Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition, November 2018
Paard Verzameld Collective meetup, Teylers museum, Haarlem, the Netherlands. (report)

Paard Verzameld Collective equine art exhibition, October 2017
Horse Exclusive Xperience, Keukenhof Castle, Lisse, the Netherlands

Please note that Paard Verzameld holds the right to refuse particular work or artist on grounds of quality, originality and effort and will not accept plagiarism or breach of copyright.

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Inspiration Day

Inspiration day "observational drawing' 2019