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Artist FAQ

What is Paard Verzameld?
Paard Verzameld consists of three branches. The platform, the Collective and the Gallery. It is the largest equine art platform in the world, with over a quarter of a million followers on our social media channels, a platform containing over a 1000 articles and exclusive interviews and a growing network of equine art enthusiasts.

Good to know, in Dutch, Paard means Horse and Verzameld means Collection.

Why sell through Paard Verzameld Gallery?
This Gallery is the first gallery of its kind solely aimed at equine art. This means equine art enthusiasts come to Paard Verzameld to seek out the best of what the equine art world has to offer. We reach a vast amount of  potential buyers each day with a constant stream of content on our various channels, which have accumulated well over a quarter of a million followers over the last four years. As an PVG artist you will benefit from feature on your art, interviews and publications on the world's largest platform for equine art.


Can any artist sell through Paard Verzameld Gallery?

We work exclusively with artists from the Paard Verzameld Collective, a group of professional equine artists from around the world. Their work is carefully curated and represented in the Gallery. The Collective is open to new members on a regular basis. Please send an email to for more information on how to apply. 


How does it work?

We ask equine artists who are interested in being represented by Paard Verzameld Gallery to get in touch by sending examples of work and a short artist statement by email.


Or ask for our information pack on our services regarding representation, marketing and advertising. And get deeper into the guidelines on how to sell your art on Paard Verzameld Gallery. 


We would love to hear from you!

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